Payment to Alt news, Pravda media shows that Muslims support each other, only goan bhandari officials are vicious in their slander of bhandari professionals

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It appears that a very powerful official was very furious with Alt news for exposing Nupur Sharma’s debate on Timesnow
So the co-founder of Alt news Mohammad Zubair has been arrested, and the mainstream media is featuring new stories on him
The latest story is that he has got more than rs two lakh in donations from different countries, especially Middle East countries, and donors may be muslim .
The payment was made through razorpay owned by bank of baroda
This payment related information shows that muslims will support each other, like brahmins openly support each other as shown in the reddit post on\
Only the bhandari, especially goan bhandari officials like cheater chodankar, naik are extremely vicious in criminally defaming, slandering hardworking bhandari professionals, investors, making fake allegations without any proof, so that their lazy greedy relatives sunaina,priya, pooja, tejas chodan get government jobs only for making fake claims

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