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Some states in India, like goa have to keep borrowing huge amounts of money from the central government, mainly because less revenues are generated in the state. While the goan media is carrying the news of how the goa government has borrowed money, it refuses to honestly analyze why the revenues of businesses in goa are low. Harassment, greed and dishonesty of the greedy goa government employees is the main reason why it is very difficult for a business to flourish in goa, especially panaji, if the business owner is not well connected
Though there is a lot of media coverage of mumbai extortion, in reality, business condition are far better in mumbai, at least till 2010, compared to goa, where officials are openly involved in a massive EXTORTION RACKET.

This website compares business conditions for small business owners in goa and mumbai, attitude of government agencies, how it affects the income, savings of citizens, job creation

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