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One of the major frauds in goa, which has been noted by the intelligence agencies in other states and countries, is how the goa government is giving great powers, monthly salaries to lazy greedy frauds like goan bhandari sunaina chodan, gujju school dropout cbi employee housewife naina chandan, who looks like actress sneha wagh, and her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil for committing real estate fraud, falsely claiming to own the house of the domain investor, just because she is not staying overnight in the house, which she is using as a mailing address. Since the goa government is systematically robbing all the correspondence of the domain investor, advertising is used by the intelligence agencies worldwide to indicate that they have noted the goa government real estate fraud in panaji, goa to get raw/cbi jobs

there are many businesses which are using a mailing address for correspondence and the business owner does not reside there, However it does not mean well connected lazy greedy young gujju fraudster brothers like karan, nikhil or goan bhandari call girls like sunaina chodan can falsely claim to own it , and also the bank account which uses the address, to get raw/cbi jobs with monthly salaries at the expense of the real business owner. Like the domain investor has repeatedly mentioned the SHAMELESS LIAR goan bhandari, gujju officials led by pritesh chodankar, nikhil sha, parmar, tushar parekh, naik and others have CRIMINALLY DEFAMED the domain investor in the worst manner, so that their endless FINANCIAL, REAL ESTATE, ONLINE, EDUCATIONAL FRAUDS are never exposed, though all these frauds can be LEGALLY PROVED

the intelligence and security agency employees are either extremely CORRUPT or INCOMPETENT or both, that the real estate fraud since 2010 is not detected or questioned. There are many people whose homes are locked, they can live in different homes, it does not mean that people in the area falsely claim to own the house, bank account and get a monthly raw/cbi salary for their real estate, banking fraud. for example the house opposite the domain investors mailing address is also locked for many months in the year, no one falsely claims to own the house, only the domain investor is targetted for real estate fraud, because of the poor status of older single women in panaji, goa

The ownership of a house can be easily checked using the property records for the house, which are available with government agencies. The house is a expensive asset, and property purchase and sale is well documented, and registered, to prevent disputes. Yet the intelligence and security agency employees are probably getting massive CASH BRIBES from naina chandan,and her family, so they refuse to ask the gujju fraudster family for any kind of proof. Instead they abuse their powers to make fake claims about home ownership so that three members of the most pampered gujju fraudster family can continue to get monthly raw/cbi salaries for faking home ownership.

The goa government has relentlessly hounded the domain investor since 2010, falsely claiming that they are worried about honesty, yet they conveniently ignore all the endless real estate, financial frauds of their well paid employees like TAKING BRIBES to make false claims about home ownership. The goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan is also criminally trespassing on the house to make fake claims about home ownership. The domain investor is hounded for ten years, no one asks the gujju fraudster family of gujju school dropout naina chandan, for any proof of home, bank account ownership since 2013.

The brother in law of gujju school dropout cbi employee housewife naina chandan, mohit chandan is notorious in panaji, goa for his moneylending and video (probably blackmail) business. He allegedly helped naina chandan and her family grab the large home from the original owner, pinto, who fled to canada, using a combination of blackmail and other tactics. Since the status of women in gujju society is poor, mohit chandan and naina's husband are probably overconfident that they can grab the home from the single woman domain investor. The different tactics used are described separately.

The real domain investor is held a virtual prisoner in goa, her correspondence ROBBED by raw/cbi employees without a court order in a clear case of human rights abuses. Kindly note that allegedly bribed by google, tata, the indian and state governments especially in goa, madhya pradesh, karnataka, haryana have DUPED domain registrars, registries and ICANN for the last 10 years that call girl, robber, cheater raw/cbi employees like goan frauds riddhi nayak caro, siddhi mandrekar, slim goan bhandari sunaina chodan, bengaluru housewife nayanshree hathwar, gujju frauds asmita patel, naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, her lazy fraud sons nikhil, karan, indore robber deepika, ruchika kinge who have not paid any money for domains, own this and other domains in an ONLINE FINANCIAL, BANKING FRAUD, to get them all raw/cbi salaries at the expense of the real domain investor, who is criminally defamed in the worst possible manner, her correspondence robbed, subjected to human rights abuses, to isolate her completely without a legally valid reason and cause great financial losses. The real domain investor is a private citizen who raw/cbi/ntro employees hate,criminally defame, commit human rights abuses without a legally valid reason for the last 10 years forcing the real domain investor to post this explicit disclaimer to prevent further losses and alert ICANN