Indian vacation booking in mainly Muslim Maldives reduce after derogatory comments of maldives ministers

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According to media reports, some Indian travel sites, agencies stop Maldives booking after comments by Maldives ministers on Indian prime minister . Maldives is a popular tourist destination for indian celebrities, they are always posting their photos in Maldives.
There has been a change in the Maldives government, and the new president Mohammed M. is considered to be pro-Chinese. The indian prime minister had taken a holiday in Lakshwadeep and when he promoted it, the maldives ministers passed comments which were considered derogatory.
This has led to protests in india and some Indian travel sites have blocked booking to Maldives. Easemytrip had a full front page advertisement in Economic Times confirming that it had blocked taking bookings to Maldives. Most of the population of Maldives is Muslim.

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