Christian auto drivers upholstery is not in good condition

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In the last decade the condition of minorities in india has worsened. One of the best indication of those who are discriminated against and have a low income is the condition of the home, workplace and vehicle.

At present the rich and powerful are extremely ruthlessly and shameless in discrimination, denial of opportunities to the minorities, older people due to which they have low income. The domain investor had contacted an autodriver to pick her up at the airport because he knew english and hindi. He was a christian and the auto was torn,with the foam visible, most probably due to lack of funds.
Similarly the real domain investor,a single woman engineer is not like most other women of her age,she faces discrimination since she is a minority, FINANCIAL FRAUD, government SLAVERY with well paid raw/cbi employees refusing to pay expenses, refusing to do any work, yet falsely claiming to own the websites, bank account and getting a monthly government salary at her expense.

So these domain fraudster raw/cbi employees like cia, mi6 stooge greedy gujju stock trader amita patel with net worth of Rs 100 crores, gurugram cheater mba ruchita kinge taking holidays of Rs 1 lakh monthly are leading a very lavish lifestyle, while the real domain investor who is cheated, exploited, robbed because of the government SLAVERY, financial fraud, cannot keep her house and websites in good condition due to lack of time and money.

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